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Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve written an actual journal entry and I was feeling like getting some of my current thoughts on to paper and decided to do so here instead. I’ve been thinking about goals a lot lately, especially since I have joined a hockey team and have been trying to be more active. A very long time family friend of mine, Katie Campbell, passed away last week from breast cancer at 33-years-old and it has really had me thinking all week long about how precious our time is here on earth and how we should use it wisely. To me, the best way to spend my time would be to create, inspire and feel physically and spiritually satisfied. I want to begin eating better which I have for the most part, meditating and taking up yoga.


  1. Yoga/Stretching: Hockey has put my poor back in some sort of distressed state which has inspired me to stretch more. I finally purchased a yoga mat and plan on doing a little bit of yoga each day to focus myself while stretching my body.
  2. Drawing/Painting: I haven’t made a picture in quite a few months now. I put a shelf up above my workspace to hold my art supplies so hopefully seeing it every day will inspire me to use it more!\
  3. Being kind. Everyone you know or encounter in this life is probably going through some sort of hardship in their own lives. Be kind to everyone around you and surely you will feel happy and better as a person at the end of the day.
  4. As more of a work-oriented goal… 300k on Instagram. I’m so close! Going to will myself to this goal by posting it here and creating good energy 😉
  5. Travel more. I’ve travelled quite a bit these past couple of years but I actually have not seen most of my own country, so visiting more states is definitely a goal of mine.


What are some of your personal goals? It felt good just to write them here. Comment with them, I’d love to hear them!

Love you guys oh so much. xo

Live in Feria: Q &A With Helen Castillo


Live in Feria: Q &A With Helen Castillo
The last artist I interviewed for the LOreal Feria project is Helen Castillo, a lovely fashion designer. I agree with Helen when she talks about how impressed she was with the Feria dye. It was the first box dye I’ve ever used on my own hair and I was very happy with the results, just like Helen! 
Read on to see what else I asked her.
Q: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
A: Strange, eclectic, electric
Q: How would you define your personal sense of style?
A: Everything black matches, I like to combine a little western vibe into my wardrobe. I wear A LOT of boots. I don’t believe in laces, laces are made for sneakers and I’m too lazy for all that. Otherwise I own at least a dozen leather jackets, which could probably label me as an addict. It’s a problem, I have no restraint with buying leather jackets even when I have something similar already.
Q: Was it hard to adjust to violet hair? What do you like most about it?
A: I haven’t colored my hair in three years, so it’s definitely an unexpected relief that once it dried I was in love. Something about how bold but still subtle somehow, and it almost has a natural hue to it which I love. I didn’t think the box dye would be so even and strengthening, my hair feels really healthy and the color doesn’t fade quick like most reddish purple shades I’ve seen friends use before.
Q: What is an important upkeep tip for someone with violet hair?
A: Always wash with cool water! Any color treated hair should always be washed cool and only conditioned at the ends. Try not to use too much heat when styling too. I’ve used the L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free shampoos and conditioners for years and I swear by those products.
Q: What color would you dye your hair next?
A: Honestly after looking at the Feria vibrant color options I wouldn’t mind trying Power Copper next. It would probably be an intense transition from the Violet but hey, you only live once!
Q: Feria is hair color for bold, creative people who want to express their individuality. How do you embody the Feria woman?
A: I think I definitely could be tokened the literal brand ambassador for Feria Violet Vixen. I mean let’s be real, between the tattoos, my no bars held personality, my creative background, I don’t restrict myself. If that means a college student studying biochemistry or a mother of three wants to feel sexy and let her hair color speak for her, I say don’t hold back. This color has definitely made me feel confident, and that’s something I’ve always been very humble about.
Q:How do you describe the intersection of fashion and hair color? How do they work together to bring a look together?
A: Hairstyling is one of the key elements of fashion design. I typically select my models based on their bone structure and hair color so it compliments a garment or collection. In fashion there’s an image to convey, and the model’s hair, makeup and styling all play a major part in presenting the concept of the designs to the audience.
Q: I know that you created a custom collection inspired by Feria shades. How was that experience?
A: It was definitely a really intense experience to design a collection for Feria inspired by colors. I’ve never taken imagery that’s so minimal and created garments that spoke for personality of colors. When I think Feria I think bold, I think vibrant, I think wild and sexy. No rules and no boundaries. It’s about feeling strong and confident and to manifest those adjectives into garments was something as an artist you just feel and respond to when you’re cutting and sewing the garments.
Q:Whats next in the life of Helen Castillo?
A: An upcoming collaboration with Macy’s that will be released this fall, I’m currently finishing the collection as we speak! It’s more on the ready to wear approach, I want my fans and admirers of Project Runway to have access to my designs and see the diversity of my aesthetic. Otherwise planning a fashion week event, lots of traveling (which is long overdue) and some commissions for upcoming awards season.
R. xx



Tattoos part two.


My latest two tattoos plus a little insight of my tattoo experiences and advice.

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Holiday gift guide + AMEX Giveaway!


It’s that time of the year again where I start sharing with you some of my favorite items. For this gift guide I decided to share items that were more on the useful side for the gals and guys.
  1. Kitchenaid Mixer – For the chefs in your life you can’t go wrong with a product like a Kitchenaid mixer. I have used these bad boys before and they are literally the best! They come in a variety of colors making it fun to pick one that suits your home (or your friend/loved one’s) decor.
  2. Tumi luggage – I am in desperate need of some of these, so they definitely had to be on my gift guide! The Tumi hardshell luggage is key for jet setters. They can withstand all types of tossing around that the plane loading folk do.
  3. Beats by Dre headphones – Everyone needs a good set of headphones. Beats by Dre come in a variety of colors making it a great gift for men or women and the quality is unbeatable!
  4. Plaid scarf – It’s plaid. It’s a scarf. Need I say more?
  5. Kate Spade bag – A good black leather bag is a staple in a gals closet. Always a good go-to option for those that need a last minute gift idea! is where you can get any of these gifts and if you are an Amex Card Member you can enroll your Card for a free membership including free 2-day shipping and returns on over 90 online merchants.
So now the giveaway… I am giving away a $10 AMEX gift card to one lucky winner! All you have to do is comment on this post stating what your most coveted gift item is this holiday season. Good luck! 

Be sure to check out their holiday video here: 

Disclaimer: American Express sponsored this post on behalf of the Amex Holiday Campaign.

A menagerie of sentences.

I hope to fly back tomorrow so we can hang Wednesday. When you are back in Chicago in the near future? I would like to take you for some coffee or maybe some drinks. I told you I’ll make you my girlfriend eventually. So I have seen your work, know of you, never talked to you and I just found out your from Detroit?!? You have my number. We have FaceTime. Free macaroons? why didn’t you say! That was a hot sweat day. Broken pinkies, and nuggets. Do you have scurvy? Miss you! hope all is well with you. Thank you for your inquiry with regards to meeting up during your Chicago sojourn. I am not a stalker ore something like that. I dont think this poking spree will ever end! What is Woody Guthrie saying that is so wise? If I’m being a complete douche forgetting such an alluring style and vibrance, let’s allow us to blame it on first the mead then the scotch and finally the porter all in short order. It really is some of my best memories, which is so strange to think about.

I used to do this years ago when I had just a journal. It’s random sentences from messages I have received all thrown together. I always find it interesting to see them combined. It’s a nice little summary of my past year, and for myself a reminder of memories. I will be doing it more in the future.

These are all from around one year ago. This post was sitting in my drafts and I happened to read it again and I’ve now forgotten who these are even from, but it’s too amusing to not post.



So long, sweet summer.


My friend Monte and I had the opportunity to bid summer adieu with Canon.

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Fall favs.


I’m so excited for fall and I am doing a bit of traveling this month and I wanted to share with you what I will be taking on my trips.

  1. Wolverine x Samantha Pleet boots – These boots are incredible. Wolverine boots are at a bit of a higher price point but it’s because of their obvious quality… these boots will last a long time and be the most comfortable, broken in boots you’ll own! They seriously take the shape of your foot after a bit of wear.
  2. Pendleton x Hurley coat – I just thrifted this coat three days ago at Beacon’s Closet… what a dream! It has the best fleece lining and its so thick and warm. Plus its got the classic Pendleton print. I feel so lucky because when I researched this collaboration I saw that this coat was originally $299. I paid $40! STEAL. Definitely shooting this in the mountains.
  3. Plaids – No particular plaids, just plaids in general. I have already been making multiple plaid purchases this month and I cant see it stopping anytime soon.
  4. Fjallraven No. 21 Rucksack – I love Fjallraven. I have three kankens and I decided I wanted to get something a bit more outdoorsy so I found this black no. 21 rucksack on eBay for $60. They retail at $120… something-ish so this was a really good deal! Mine is the medium size and I like it since I’m small I don’t look like a ridiculous turtle. And it fits my 13″ Macbook!
  5. Topshop dark green jeans – My latest Topshop purchase is these dark green jeans. I believe they’re a part of the super soft Jamie line. The green is SUPER subtle, only really noticeable in the daylight outside. Green is my favorite color right now so I had to have. These are my favorite skinny jeans ever because they’re the skinniest jeans I’ve been able to find that are sooooo soft and not crazy uncomfortable. Plus they’re not too long so I don’t have to have them hemmed!

Stay tuned for photos from my upcoming trips. Love you all!




Ai runway show.


A little peek of the Art Institutes runway show.

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Elle x The Face.

ELLE & Fekkai Celebrate The Season Two Finale Of The Face On Oxygen
A night of fun with Elle magazine celebrating the season two finale of The Face!

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